• DrEAm HiGh

    I Dream High,
    I dream, when its hard
    I close my eyes
    While I imagine that momentI get up.
    ...I shake at the end of fear
    Afraid of falling
    Like a baby bird who cant fly up.
    Can I do it,
    Will my dream come true
    One by one my walking goes
    When I get afraid.
    I Dream High, I dream,

    When I’m tired I close my eyes
    I keep imagining that dream
    While I get up.
    I can fly high, I belive that
    I can go up in that sky
    Open my wings
    Fly freely up more then anyone.
    I need courage

    That will stand the fallen me
    I dust the dust, Courage that will stand me
    And jump once a again.
    Belive in myself once more,
    Belive in my faith
    Bet everything, and im going to jump
    A wall taller then me.
    Dream high
    A chance to fly high
    Bye bye to the hurts

    Fly high like the stars in the sky.
    Time for you to shine
    Starting Now
    Gotta make em mine
    Dont be afraid of the future
    In you hands
    Walk in confidance now
    You can’t stop.
    Destiney now
    Whole new fantasy is open

    In front of your eyes
    So hold my hand now
    Our stop is the same now,

    Dont give up on your dreams
    When your young dream high everyone...

    ((Gantungkan azam dan semangatmu setinggi bintang di langit dan rendahkan hatimu serendah mutiara di lautan..))